Successful Tips On Fish Care

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Included in Marine Fish are the Acanthurus Leucosternon and Acanthurus Lineadae. The Powder Blue Surgeonfish is a part of the Acanthuridae family and is the very first breed, to be found living in the tropical regions close to the Pacific and Indian oceans. This fish is a pressed oval shape using a mouth which is small in size and pectoral fins which are not short. Additionally, it has caudal fins, which in addition, has low, shallow notches around them. It’s possible for you to recognise a Powder Blue Surgeonfish by a sky blue body, a lower jaw with yellowish stripes around a black masking face and a scalpel spine that is striped. These mulitcolours are compared by white bars. The Powder Blue Surgeonfish can grow into a size of 11 3/4 inches.

Surroundings to get a Powder Blue Surgeonfish

Water temperatures of 77-84 degrees Fahrenheit are preferred from the Powder Blue Surgeonfish. Substrate environments are perfect using a pH level of 8.2-9.4. At all times, you must keep the water density at around 1.020. You must have a large tank using a sandy bottom, and a few good lighting is important. The Powder Blue Surgeonfish is a great tank fish to have as it feeds on algae, but nevertheless, it’s going to eat smaller creatures. In addition they like to eat the flesh of the Enchytraea mussels. There are specific shrimps such as the Mysis, which the fish will eat. Vegetables and dried foodstuffs will also be foods that the Powder Blue Surgeonfish like, so that it does have a diet that is diverse.

The type of the Powder Blue Surgeonfish being full of energy, is biological and always running around.

Acanthurus Lineatus

The Clown Surgeonfish is a member of the Acanthuridae family of fish. They habitat in numerous places to be found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Although hideous in difference, they do appear to be very appealing. The colours of these fish are electrical or powder blue, grey- purple and blue, combined with brownish pinstripes. The Clown Surgeonfish has a caudal fin that is narrow and will grow to some length of 8 inches. The pH equilibrium amount is over 8 with a water density to be kept at 1.023. This fish enjoys great lighting with lots of corners to hide in, as well as running around some luxurious furnishings in the tank. Alter the foodstuff, as the fish doesn’t adapt well to aquarium foods as it likes to feed on zooplanktons (consisting of microscopic animals, such as the protozoan).

The Clown Surgeonfish has a nervous disposition and doesn’t acclimatise well in the surroundings of an aquarium. Additionally, it may be anti social and must be put with other fish of its own kind. Be careful as it’s a spiny tail which can be really distressing if you’re wounded, when handling the Clown Surgeonfish.

This fish is to be seen in the tropical areas of the Pacific and Indian ocean. They’re coloured violet and a brown tinted shade offset against blue/orange fins. There’s a white edging on the fins which offset white striped cheeks, which in turn also offset eyes and the mouth. This fish will grow to a size of a tremendous 13 3/4 inches. The tank should really be ordered with sand as well rocks put around the bottom, with good quality lighting for the critters. The Gold Rim Surgeonfish enjoys an excessive demand of furnishings, in just a substrate environment. This fish prefers an edition of foods when being fed. This fish is, in addition, biological in nature and quite known for the energetic swimming.


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