What are the best shoes for a hairstylist.

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Being a hairstylist is a very demanding job. It requires long hours of standing and walking around the salon just to accommodate the customers. Things can get even tougher during the peak season. This is why hairstylists should consider investing in shoes that will make it a lot easier for them to move around. Here are some of the best shoes for a hairstylist that you might want to check out. (If you want to know more about salon products and styles please visit kalistasalon.com for more information).

Vionic Women’s Ease Sydney Loafer

This loafer will definitely catch your eye because of its beautiful design. Aside from this, Vionic Women’s Ease Sydney Loafer is packed with features that aim to give you more comfort. It has an orthotic insole which will help you tolerate the long hours of standing inside the salon. The outsole is made of rubber which means that it will have a better grip on the floor that you are walking on.

Other kinds of shoes might not have this which can be a little dangerous. Having rubber outsoles can prevent you from slipping easily. Another thing to love about this Vionic shoe is the heel that only measures 0.5 inches. The Orthaheel technology of this loafer will give you relief from the pain that you might be feeling in your heels. Hairstylists who want a comfortable pair of shoes that are stylish at the same time, will definitely love this!


Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

Dansko is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to finding shoes that would perfectly fit and provide the best comfort. This mule has a padded instep which is heaven for someone who’s always walking or standing. There is also enough space for your toes. The design of Dansko Women’s Professional Mule also helps to protect your feet by having just the right size of the toe box.

As for the outsole, it has a rocker bottom which makes walking around easier because it helps your foot when stepping foward. But one of the most impressive things about Dansko shoes such as this one is that they last for a long time. They are made to pass the test of time so they would be a great investment for hairstylists.

As a hairstylist, your job is to take care of your clients. However, you won’t be able to do this if you are not taking care of yourself as well. Vionic and Dansko are both great at crafting shoes that would give you comfort while doing your job. Choosing the best kind of shoes for you will allow you to avoid any foot problems caused by walking or standing for an extended time every day, so make sure to check out these two amazing shoes.