5 Reasons Why Fixies Are Beyond Trendy

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Fixed-gear bikes or “fixies” recently took the biking world by storm. However, we’d like to believe that these stylish freewheels aren’t just for hipsters alone. In fact, fixies go beyond trendy. We’ve discovered that there’s more to this wonder bike that meets the eye.

But first, what is a fixie?

We’ve learned from roadbikeadventure.com that a fixie is a bicycle that comes with a one-gear drive train. This means you have to constantly pedal your way forward or backward. It won’t allow you to coast but it comes with benefits that will make you forget about your other bikes altogether.

What makes fixies so special?

If you’re in the market for a new bike, then allow us to tell you the reasons why fixies are more than just a trend — and why they’re worth owning.


1. It requires very little to no maintenance

Fixies aren’t just stylish. They’re incredibly practical. Since there aren’t too many parts that constitute a fixie, you’re in for a breezy maintenance. All you have to do is to keep the tires clean and the chain in optimum working order. Unlike other bikes in the market, there’s less to think about and less to spend for.


2. It comes with endless customizations

Another reason why we are crazy about fixies is you can customize them endlessly. Whether you want a retro-style freewheel reminiscent of newspaper boys or a vintage ‘80s BMX, the possibilities are infinite. These parts are readily available in all fixie stores and they’re practically compatible with just amount any single-speed out there. Think of it as your very own Lego bike. You can mix, match and switch things up to your convenience.



3. It has fewer parts to steal

According to the National Bike Registry, bike theft is up by 10%. Protecting your investment becomes all the more crucial. The good news is fixie owners don’t have to worry about bike theft too much. There are fewer parts to steal considering how minimal a single speed is. Moreover, those unsuspecting thieves are more likely to crash by the end of the road.


4. It breeds its own subculture

Just about anywhere around the world, you’ll encounter a fixie club that’s made it their life mission to catapult fixies to greater heights. In fact, these freewheels have bred its very own subculture, attracting bike enthusiasts and off-season serious road racers alike. Beyond possessing their own charm, fixies have brought people together. Let’s face it. There’s a certain joy in being part of a club, right?


5. It sharpens your skills

Fixies are built to keep you going. You’re pretty much pedaling all the time. Make it a habit and you will quickly notice how it can help sharpen your skills on the road. You’ll be more in tune with your bike and you will be more aware on how to ride it better. Furthermore, riding a fixie lets you feel the traction of the road better. It even lets you go fast — and we mean fast!

Fixies may be getting a bad rep for being “hipster”. It’s gone beyond trendy and into its own phenomenon. However it’s called, fixies are fun to ride in so many ways. We highly recommend getting one and experiencing it yourself.