What are the best shoes for a hairstylist.

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Being a hairstylist is a very demanding job. It requires long hours of standing and walking around the salon just to accommodate the customers. Things can get even tougher during the peak season. This is why hairstylists should consider investing in shoes that will make it a lot easier for them to move around. Here are some of the best shoes for a hairstylist that you might want to check out. (If you want to know more about salon products and styles please visit kalistasalon.com for more information).

Vionic Women’s Ease Sydney Loafer

This loafer will definitely catch your eye because of its beautiful design. Aside from this, Vionic Women’s Ease Sydney Loafer is packed with features that aim to give you more comfort. It has an orthotic insole which will help you tolerate the long hours of standing inside the salon. The outsole is made of rubber which means that it will have a better grip on the floor that you are walking on.

Other kinds of shoes might not have this which can be a little dangerous. Having rubber outsoles can prevent you from slipping easily. Another thing to love about this Vionic shoe is the heel that only measures 0.5 inches. The Orthaheel technology of this loafer will give you relief from the pain that you might be feeling in your heels. Hairstylists who want a comfortable pair of shoes that are stylish at the same time, will definitely love this!


Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

Dansko is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to finding shoes that would perfectly fit and provide the best comfort. This mule has a padded instep which is heaven for someone who’s always walking or standing. There is also enough space for your toes. The design of Dansko Women’s Professional Mule also helps to protect your feet by having just the right size of the toe box.

As for the outsole, it has a rocker bottom which makes walking around easier because it helps your foot when stepping foward. But one of the most impressive things about Dansko shoes such as this one is that they last for a long time. They are made to pass the test of time so they would be a great investment for hairstylists.

As a hairstylist, your job is to take care of your clients. However, you won’t be able to do this if you are not taking care of yourself as well. Vionic and Dansko are both great at crafting shoes that would give you comfort while doing your job. Choosing the best kind of shoes for you will allow you to avoid any foot problems caused by walking or standing for an extended time every day, so make sure to check out these two amazing shoes.

5 Reasons Why Fixies Are Beyond Trendy

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Fixed-gear bikes or “fixies” recently took the biking world by storm. However, we’d like to believe that these stylish freewheels aren’t just for hipsters alone. In fact, fixies go beyond trendy. We’ve discovered that there’s more to this wonder bike that meets the eye.

But first, what is a fixie?

We’ve learned from roadbikeadventure.com that a fixie is a bicycle that comes with a one-gear drive train. This means you have to constantly pedal your way forward or backward. It won’t allow you to coast but it comes with benefits that will make you forget about your other bikes altogether.

What makes fixies so special?

If you’re in the market for a new bike, then allow us to tell you the reasons why fixies are more than just a trend — and why they’re worth owning.


1. It requires very little to no maintenance

Fixies aren’t just stylish. They’re incredibly practical. Since there aren’t too many parts that constitute a fixie, you’re in for a breezy maintenance. All you have to do is to keep the tires clean and the chain in optimum working order. Unlike other bikes in the market, there’s less to think about and less to spend for.


2. It comes with endless customizations

Another reason why we are crazy about fixies is you can customize them endlessly. Whether you want a retro-style freewheel reminiscent of newspaper boys or a vintage ‘80s BMX, the possibilities are infinite. These parts are readily available in all fixie stores and they’re practically compatible with just amount any single-speed out there. Think of it as your very own Lego bike. You can mix, match and switch things up to your convenience.



3. It has fewer parts to steal

According to the National Bike Registry, bike theft is up by 10%. Protecting your investment becomes all the more crucial. The good news is fixie owners don’t have to worry about bike theft too much. There are fewer parts to steal considering how minimal a single speed is. Moreover, those unsuspecting thieves are more likely to crash by the end of the road.


4. It breeds its own subculture

Just about anywhere around the world, you’ll encounter a fixie club that’s made it their life mission to catapult fixies to greater heights. In fact, these freewheels have bred its very own subculture, attracting bike enthusiasts and off-season serious road racers alike. Beyond possessing their own charm, fixies have brought people together. Let’s face it. There’s a certain joy in being part of a club, right?


5. It sharpens your skills

Fixies are built to keep you going. You’re pretty much pedaling all the time. Make it a habit and you will quickly notice how it can help sharpen your skills on the road. You’ll be more in tune with your bike and you will be more aware on how to ride it better. Furthermore, riding a fixie lets you feel the traction of the road better. It even lets you go fast — and we mean fast!

Fixies may be getting a bad rep for being “hipster”. It’s gone beyond trendy and into its own phenomenon. However it’s called, fixies are fun to ride in so many ways. We highly recommend getting one and experiencing it yourself.


Successful Tips On Fish Care

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Included in Marine Fish are the Acanthurus Leucosternon and Acanthurus Lineadae. The Powder Blue Surgeonfish is a part of the Acanthuridae family and is the very first breed, to be found living in the tropical regions close to the Pacific and Indian oceans. This fish is a pressed oval shape using a mouth which is small in size and pectoral fins which are not short. Additionally, it has caudal fins, which in addition, has low, shallow notches around them. It’s possible for you to recognise a Powder Blue Surgeonfish by a sky blue body, a lower jaw with yellowish stripes around a black masking face and a scalpel spine that is striped. These mulitcolours are compared by white bars. The Powder Blue Surgeonfish can grow into a size of 11 3/4 inches.

Surroundings to get a Powder Blue Surgeonfish

Water temperatures of 77-84 degrees Fahrenheit are preferred from the Powder Blue Surgeonfish. Substrate environments are perfect using a pH level of 8.2-9.4. At all times, you must keep the water density at around 1.020. You must have a large tank using a sandy bottom, and a few good lighting is important. The Powder Blue Surgeonfish is a great tank fish to have as it feeds on algae, but nevertheless, it’s going to eat smaller creatures. In addition they like to eat the flesh of the Enchytraea mussels. There are specific shrimps such as the Mysis, which the fish will eat. Vegetables and dried foodstuffs will also be foods that the Powder Blue Surgeonfish like, so that it does have a diet that is diverse.

The type of the Powder Blue Surgeonfish being full of energy, is biological and always running around.

Acanthurus Lineatus

The Clown Surgeonfish is a member of the Acanthuridae family of fish. They habitat in numerous places to be found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Although hideous in difference, they do appear to be very appealing. The colours of these fish are electrical or powder blue, grey- purple and blue, combined with brownish pinstripes. The Clown Surgeonfish has a caudal fin that is narrow and will grow to some length of 8 inches. The pH equilibrium amount is over 8 with a water density to be kept at 1.023. This fish enjoys great lighting with lots of corners to hide in, as well as running around some luxurious furnishings in the tank. Alter the foodstuff, as the fish doesn’t adapt well to aquarium foods as it likes to feed on zooplanktons (consisting of microscopic animals, such as the protozoan).

The Clown Surgeonfish has a nervous disposition and doesn’t acclimatise well in the surroundings of an aquarium. Additionally, it may be anti social and must be put with other fish of its own kind. Be careful as it’s a spiny tail which can be really distressing if you’re wounded, when handling the Clown Surgeonfish.

This fish is to be seen in the tropical areas of the Pacific and Indian ocean. They’re coloured violet and a brown tinted shade offset against blue/orange fins. There’s a white edging on the fins which offset white striped cheeks, which in turn also offset eyes and the mouth. This fish will grow to a size of a tremendous 13 3/4 inches. The tank should really be ordered with sand as well rocks put around the bottom, with good quality lighting for the critters. The Gold Rim Surgeonfish enjoys an excessive demand of furnishings, in just a substrate environment. This fish prefers an edition of foods when being fed. This fish is, in addition, biological in nature and quite known for the energetic swimming.


 How To Care For A Goldfish

Enhancing Fish Aquariums – Fish-Tank Skills and Lights

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An aquarium supports great pretty value and it is not unattractive and appealing by itself. There is a lovely reservoir thought to intensify any area. However, a little more creativeness could create your reservoir that is beautiful become a lot more charming. Adorning another is also held by your aquarium critical edge besides improving its artistic character. A well decorated reservoir and when performed effectively that closely resembles their atmosphere that is normal, would make sure they are experience nearer to their normal house.

Choices for tank designs can be great. From an online seek to a day at the neighborhood marine offer store, options are merely too loads. Typically, tank owners decorate their tanks with crops little buildings and even games. These is excellent because it gives fishes lots of hiding place. However, several stops there, considering the work is performed. An aquarium that is properly designed is one that makes a style that is harmonizing and might blend in your room magnificently. A great strategy to create your container an ideal accent to your area is by picking an aquarium history that goes properly using its atmosphere. Not just it is a great way to boost your container’s appearance, it’s likewise an effective way to full cover up ugly plumbing and equipment, wiring, in addition to that steals your wonders away in tank.

There are many kinds of personalized aquarium qualification. Widely used are pre-intended moves, mainly because they are the most affordable and simple to fix. Choices for its styles are quite loads, there is no trouble obtaining the one that will choose your aquarium’s theme. Slates are as economical and so are mainly used to color the history to full cover up of the aquarium plumbing and wiring at the same time letting the fish color to have out.

The effect it creates is extremely classy despite the small expense. Structured backgrounds can be purchased in pet supply outlets as effectively, nevertheless could be more costly. Many models are rocks and along with other marine- like buildings. How they create your fish sense convenient using the at-home feel it produces makes the additional expense worth every penny. Fish tank lighting that are violet is another creative and your aquarium is lovelier to be made by sensible solution. Blue lights’ style makes aquariums more comely. Because the moonlight is also simulated by its result, since it is famous to it’s very beneficial for aquariums that are corralled greatly assist growth. At the same period, it helps create the fishes normal home using and such moonlight lure enhances the calm and comforting sense your aquarium carries during your livable space. Cautiously picked lights is likely to make the aquarium are available in equilibrium within your area.

Aquarium with Natural Wave Sounds 60mins “Sleep Sounds”